Auto Repair Services

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We service and repair all Domestic and Import Cars & Trucks.

GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover & more.

J&M Automotive only provides the utmost highest quality service. Our business is built on honest, integrity and respect.

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  • Only Licensed Mechanics at our auto repair shop in Peterborough, ON
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Auto Repair Services

J&M Automotive provides quality auto repair & sells a full line of tires.

Call (705) 874-2400

At J&M Automotive, we have built our business on the principals of honesty, integrity & respect. We strive to provide the utmost highest level of service and the highest standard of quality when repairing & maintaining your vehicle.


Oil Changes

Domestic, Import & European

Let us change your oil. Non-synthetic oil changes from $34.95 for most cars and light trucks. Synthetic oil changes are only a little more depending on your choice of oil.


Air Conditioner Repairs & Maintenance

Don't roast inside your car!

We perform leak testing and pressurization testing to ensure your A/C system is in optimal working conditioning. More often than not an air conditioning issue is just a bad seal or the drier, sometimes it is the compressor or evaporator which can be a bit more costly. Don't let your system go unchecked either, regular maintenance will ensure your Air Conditioning operates optimally for years.



Brake replacements and brake flush

Brakes are a crucial component of your vehicle, don't trust your brakes with just anybody!
At J&M Automotive, we are Licensed Mechanics and we have years and years of experience.
We care for your vehicle as if it were our own to ensure you and your family are safe on the road.


Transmission & Drivetrain

Fluid changes, Flushes and Drivetrain Repairs

Your transmission and drivetrain can be economically maintained to help avoid costly repairs.
Keep your vehicle in peak condition by maintaining your often overlooked drivetrain.
At J&M Automotive, we provide drivetrain repair and transmission maintenance services.


Coolant System Repairs

Don't overheat!

A cooling system failure can be disasterous. J&M Automotive can be repair and maintain your cooling system to help avoid getting stranded, or worse costly engine damage. We provide cooling system flushes and diagnosis and repair of cooling system components and hoses.


Suspension Repairs

Shocks and springs, control arms and more.

Is your vehicle not driving as well as it should? You might have a suspension issue. At J&M Automotive, our Licensed Mechanics can quickly diagnose and repair your suspension issues. Suspensions can be tricky to diagnose without a visual inspection, don't make any gueses, let out experienced Mechanics diagnose your issue, it could save you a lot on unnecessary parts that other shops may recommend but aren't required.


Engine & Fuel System Repairs

Have a knocking noise or poor performance

Engine problems can be stressful and costly. At J&M Automotive, we provide precise diagnosis and quality repairs of your engine and fuel system.


Electrical Repairs

Electrical problems can be tough to diagnose. J&M Automotive has experienced Licensed Mechanics that can diagnose and economically repair most any electrical issue.


Tires & Tire Repairs

A complete line of all makes Tires for Cars & Trucks

J&M Automotive offers a complete line of tires for cars and trucks. We also provide tire repairs and balancing services.

Get your Tires from J&M Automotive - Call (705) 874-2400

J&M Automotive Repairs all makes and models - Call (705) 874-2400

J & M Automotive- Auto Repair TESTIMONIALS

"Not being a fan of dealer service, it took me little time after
contacting J&M to know that they would care for my car properly."

-Paul B Audi driver
J&M Automotive

1042 County Rd 19 (between Chemong Rd & Hilliard St.)
Peterborough, ON K9J 6X2

Call (705) 874-2400